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"Fact: sourcing direct has challenges and sourcing via an agency is an expensive route with still challenges ahead. is different."

Are you a speaker wanting bookings?

We know how finding a booking for a speaking slot is an endless and often painful search and then there’s the paperwork! Sending just an invoice isn’t always enough either.

We understand - you are a professional speaker and Speaking is your passion, not administration.

Some speakers try traditional Agencies. We know the frustration you feel when they won’t truly disclose their commission rates, leaving you to work out if they’ve taken 20%, 30% or more - which then starts to sting! After all it's you who’s performing, fighting the traffic, waiting in airport lounges and enduring the stress!!

Going back to getting ‘direct bookings’ appeals as a way of gaining thousands while cutting out the middleman but then comes the ‘SEO I’ll Get You Top Ranking’ merchants and never ending website revamps.

Let us be your direct booking option and take your stress.

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Are you a company looking for a speaker?

We help those who are:

  • fed up of trawling for hours or days through search engine results
  • cynical about speaker websites that contain the ‘buy me’ presentations
  • warry of seeing only cherry picked testimonials on Speaker sites
We understand you no longer believe all that you see, especially when they say it!

We also help those who’ve used an agency thinking they’d save wasting time and protecting themselves from unsuitable speakers only to find they instead give you their preferred choice of speaker and taken up to 30% or more of your budget as their ‘commission’!

We understand you want a speaker who is commanding the fee you pay so you get true value for money!
If you're booking speakers: then you've come to the right place.

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How it works

A management tool for standardising the process for organisers and speakers to work
together. Creating a professional level as standard, de-risking engaging Speakers.


Simply register with Once your registration process is complete you can create a Speaker Profile in our internal 'Speaker Search' section which is then visible to all those PA's, Secretary's and Event Planners thus giving you enormous visibility and hugely increasing your chances of getting bookings!

When a speaker booking person selects you as a possible speaker for their event you will get notification and begin the process of direct communication via our internal processing system. This means simply that no messages get lost or are missed and our exclusively designed speaker booking system takes you step by step through all negotiations and logistic issues ending in a secure payment transfer and hopefully a great testimonial left on our site in your name!

Speaker Bookers

Simply register with us (it's Free!) and share with us your thoughts as to the type of event, the type of speaker, the budgets etc. Our team of experienced personnel will help you select those who match your criteria and steer you safely through to a successful event.

All speakers are verified and independently checked. Our acceptance process prevents misleading website claims from clouding the issue! You can see and watch (in many cases) real video footage and see them in action...speakers of all styles, subjects and specialisms - there will be one that exactly fits your event plans! You book safely and payments are held in escrow to ensure complete security for all parties.

Services we offer!

We provide a complete set of online tools to search, manage and process the booking of speakers for any event. This
includes booking management and progress tracking. contracts and payments. Ensuring you are always in control.


Speakers bring an invaluable resource of knowledge to events. Let take the burden of managing the mundane back office tasks and administration, thus allowing you to free up your valuable time to concentrate on what you do best - "speaking".

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Finding the right speakers for your event can take up valuable time, and cost a fortune, even before dealing with their personal needs. Use to centralise the finding and managing of your chosen speakers. Register now and let us Free your time, and save you money.

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Creating special relationships with speakers and clients can take a lot of time and resources. Let support your in house teams, by providing you with a powerful management system, to help you build those all important relationships.

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All sorts of events

  • Annual Conferences
  • Sales Meetings
  • Product launches
  • Team Days
  • Leadership Development Days

All sorts of speakers

  • Sales
  • Motivational
  • Industry specific
  • Technology leaders
  • Sporting legends

Latest Reviews


“We had a lot of people registering for this and we learnt new things too. Thank you.” By Natasha Brigo


“Very good and delivered what we asked. Thank you.” By Natasha Brigo


“We asked him to be controversial and he delivered. He invoked audience reaction which is what we wanted him to do. Thank you.” By Natasha Brigo


“Ibukun, thank you so much for agreeing to speak at our summit on such a short notice! Your expertise and confidence were genuinely impressive and I hope to see you at our future events!” By Natalja Cekalina

To see the additional reviews of these and many other speakers, please search for a speaker Here

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