I Am A Speaker

Would YOU like a flow of fresh speaking engagements? Are you fed up with 20% or even 30% commissions? iwantaspeaker.com is your perfect partner!

We Understand:

  • Its not easy being brilliant!! Yes, we know! How can you perform on stage and still do all of the advertising and promotion to get yourself more gigs?
  • SEO and Blogs and FaceBooking and LinkingIn...its all too time consuming! "Cant someone do it for me you ask?"
  • Sometimes speaker bookers speak a slightly different language...you can probably give what they need but you'd really like some professional intermediary help to smooth the process.
  • You want to work with someone who can 'feed' you but you really don't like being over-looked when an agency has a 'favourite' that it 'promotes'!
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That's precisely why...

    iwantaspeaker.com works for you and removes those headaches allowing you to do what you do best. Go tread the boards and wow audiences - we'll help with the rest.
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We provide you with:

  • Huge exposure through our comprehensive search facility showing you to over 20,000 speaker booking people.
  • Detailed profile so that you can 'show yourself off' and really attract the booking person.
  • Video profile so the prospective booker can 'see you in action'.
  • Comprehensive booking management suite so that all paperwork and admin 'stuff' is in one place.
  • Calendar, Contracts. Invoicing and even payment collection - done for you!
  • Secure payment 'escrow' process protecting you from non-payment.
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Manage your speaking history.

    Track all of your activity and all enquiries so that you can adjust and improve to win more business according to possible trends or market demands.
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