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Are you searching for that perfect professional speaker that will Wow your audience and leave you with a 'smug' look after a job well done?! Would it be easier if you could see a speaker in action before booking them? And would it help to be 'safe' knowing that the process is managed with you not dumped on you?!

You have a Need?

  • How frustrating and time consuming is it trying to search for exactly the right speaker...it takes a long time right?! We'll help cut that drastically!
  • You find it difficult to assess them based upon only their website testimonials and the agency recommendations!
  • Then a speaker drops out at the last minute! It happens. It's a nightmare you simply have to avoid...your neck is on the line! Your reputation and budgets are strained and it's not even your fault!!!
  • You feel vulnerable and exposed when 'middle-men' step between you and your ideal speaker delaying confirmations, adding stress and pushing up costs.
  • You have sleepless nights worrying until it is finalised! You want & need security and safety in contracts and agreements and yet cant seem to get that when going directly.
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That's why

    That's why we have invested large amounts of time and money developing iwantaspeaker.com, to make this process as painless as possible, from short-listing potential speakers, through booking and briefing them, all the way to paying them, with the assurance that your money is safeguarded until you provide feedback on their performance.
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We provide you with

    The tools you need at every stage of the process to ensure success:

  • Advanced Search system, to help you find the perfect speaker for your event.
  • Online agreements that are simple, transparent and include a dispute resolution facility
  • Invoice, Expenses and payment tracking
  • Dashboards, statistics and back-office information, so you can see how your profile and events are performing
  • Built in Chatrooms, Communities and Forums to communicate with your speakers
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We help you to protect your investment, because that's how we grow our business.

    We provide you with the tools you need at every stage of the process to ensure success and you can be safe in the knowledge that you will always have the same great rate of only a flat 5% fee per Booking, and even then, we've set a capped limit so you'll never go too high while always getting the best rate!. And, if the booking has no fee, then there is no charge!

    If you know the speaker you want but they are not on here, ask them to join. Any speaker or direct agents would be happy to register, knowing and understanding you are wanting to retain control of your investment. Don't be bullied, get protected.

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