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Julie Meyer (United Kingdom)

Julie is a well-known and respected speaker on economic growth, Health Tech, entrepreneurship, investment, leadership, innovation and digital strategy, and she is regularly called upon by the media to offer her insights and knowledge.

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James Whale (United Kingdom)

One of the most popular voices on the radio, James was best-known as a shock jock, due to his style of strident and argumentative views. Nowadays, James puts his skills to good use and instead of shocking audiences, he 'Wows'…

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Anthony Conklin (United States)

Everyone has a WHY; the reason for doing what you do. Its part of your life.

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Mark Proffitt (United States)

Mark helps leaders solve seemingly unsolvable problems so they reliably deliver 10x more desired results with less risk using readily available resources by using Predictive Innovation®. He is a non-stop thinker, researcher, and author of Predictive Innovation® a first principles…

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David White (United Kingdom)

I began by winning an Apprenticeship with Racal Decca in missile guidance. I am often reffered to and I ave stories to tell of being a former "Rocket Scientist". Later I chaired the IAB Search Council in the UK and…

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