I Represent A Speaker

You’re managing one or more speakers and they’re all asking you questions. Juggling agendas, dealing with changes in arrangements and constantly working to get more bookings! Let iwantaspeaker.com make it easy for you.

My personal dashboard

  • Instantly update yourself on the progressing enquiries.
  • See action lists and task lists for each on-going speaker engagement.
  • See all recent communications from all prospects and clients.
  • Immediate access to all contracts paperwork and payment history.
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Manage all payments

    Easy to use payment management system saves time on transfers, allows speakers to see you are looking after their interest and allows you in an instant mini financial reports. An integrated financial system means you can provide additional support and security for your clients and speakers.
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Communication control between your clients and speakers.

    Manage communication between clients and speakers, ensuring contractual terms are adhere to and when needed, being able to step in and assist before any complications arise. Building those important relations with both client and speakers being seen as their guardian angels.
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Manage Your speaker’s history.

    Track all your exclusive speakers, seeing who’s approached them, fee’s quoted and the history of the transactions or rejections. Understanding the trends of your clients usage of your speakers, which topics are hot, booking analysis means you can forecast the needs of your future speaker stable requirements.
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CoManage my exclusive speakers and settings.

    Having exclusive speakers puts you in an elite league. Managing their profiles, settings, monitoring interest and communication are vital to maintain strong links. This easy2use management system lets you see what needs tweaking, changing, updating and firmly puts you in control of managing their needs.
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Statistics and future trends.

    Track and monitor which of your speaker’s topics are hot. See detailed graphs of actual searches by topics, popularity and take-up, allowing you to tweak your speaker profiles or add to your stable. Giving you instant access to the current trends will ensure you are always ready and able to provide the next hottest speaker.
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