Talita Ferreira

United Kingdom

Transformational C Suite executive, NED, CFO and CHRO who is transforming leaders and organisational cultures daily.

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Introduction Talita is an experienced C-Suite executive, Non-Executive Director, entrepreneur, thought leader and international speaker with more than 22 years of corporate experience with global brands, including KPMG; Investec Bank; and BMW. She understands the financial language of business, strategy, and risk, as an experienced Chief Financial Officer and balances this with her experience as an Executive Board Director for human resources, helping organisations and leaders to transform. She has led and implemented award-winning cultural transformation programmes in multiple industries. Talita has worked in four countries and two different industries, financial services and automotive. After leaving corporate life at the end of 2016, Talita published her first book, The Authenticity Dilemma Resolved® and helped various organisations locally in the United Kingdom and internationally, to transform their leadership and cultural approaches. She is passionate about personal growth, authentic change and creating business environments through transformational change, which allows managers to be authentic, inspirational leaders. Through her multicultural journey in the financial services and automotive industries, Talita demonstrates how she inspired and changed her technical mindset to a more humane approach; helping to transform organisations and growing, developing and encouraging her team to leave a lasting cultural legacy of authenticity, inspiration and collaboration. Talita shares practical tips on how to increase your impact without more effort along with a journey of leadership inclusion, growth and change.

Biography Talita is a thought leader, NED, entrepreneur, experienced Chief Financial Officer, board director of Human Resources, published author of ‘The Authenticity Dilemma Resolved®’ and speaker who has chosen to step out of 22 years in corporate business, to help leaders and businesses transform.
Working within globally established brands including KPMG, Investec and BMW, in England, Germany and South Africa, Talita developed her unique inspirational leadership approach. Talita is a qualified Chartered Accountant, Chartered Director and consultant with a career as CFO in the automotive and financial services industries.

She values ethics and socially-responsible business and believes in:
• creating supportive organisational cultures;
• respecting difference, fear and vulnerability;
• focussing on authenticity as an enabler for a true diversity of thought and inclusion and
• fostering higher levels of acceptance for diversity and difference, for the benefit of all.

Talita is passionate about living in true authenticity and creating business environments that support and nurture individuals to live their greatest potential and passion every day. She helps organisations and leaders to lead in a more engaged, inspirational way to ensure future sustainability and continued growth. Talita’s vision is to create a collective of responsible leaders, responsible organisations and societal endeavours who promote and live the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Credentials • Talita has led and implemented award-winning, transformational cultural programmes for organisations and leaders in the financial services and automotive sectors, within global brands and multiple countries.
• She is an experienced C-Suite Executive Board Director in multi-disciplines, including finance; risk; strategy; and human resources.
• She led a financial services company through the 2008 crisis; a change in leadership; and helped the organisation transform strategically.
• She understands the language of finance and risk, strategic visioning and delivery, and knows how to engage an organisation’s human capital to drive success.
• Talita is a published author of, The Authenticity Dilemma Resolved®, which captures her experiences of working with thousands of leaders to increase their confidence and help them become inspiring leaders.
• Talita is South African by birth, has worked in four countries and understands the dynamics of cognitive diversity.
Talita has spoken at :

• Charity Finance Group Midlands Conference 2019
• ICAEW CFO Conference: The Transformational Leader
• To lead in a Globally inclusive organisation - Bristol-Myers Squibb
• HR Grapevine
• CFO Rising
• HRD Directors Summit
• ICAEW FTEN Network
• BMW Rad Hub
• Institute of Directors Advance: Insight
• CFO Agenda
• VW Integrity and Legal Affairs conference
• The CFO Conference
• Office Show London
• The FD Surgery
• Institute of Chartered and Public Accountants Cyprus
• Accenture International Women’s Day

Languages Afrikaans, English
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Speaking styles Mentoring, Consultancy, After Dinner, Chair/Panel member, Conferences, Facilitator, Keynote, Presenter, Seminar/ workshop, webinar, One2One, Seminar

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Industry experience Accounting, Economy/Finance, Management, Manufacturing, Wholesale, Charity, Small Business/SME, Banking, Culture, Corporate, women conferences, Automotive, Professional Services, Financial Services

Keywords passionate, engaged, south-african, british, authentic, inspirational leader, international speaker, change agent, transformation specialist, cultural change driver, diversity and inclusion, servant leadership, transformational change, driving change, changing cultures, LGBT+ ambassador, author, consultant, CEO, CFO, CHRO, C-suite, Entrepreneur, personal development, New world of work, wellbeing, Chartered Accountant, Chartered Director, Automotive, Financial Services, Third sector, workshop leader, values driven

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