Ian Calvert

United Kingdom

Brand Advocate helping to deliver and implement Digital & Social into business

Introduction Coach * Connector * Educator * Futurist * Influencer * Strategist * Trainer
Here to help you to understand Generation Alpha & Social Business
In simple terms, if you want disruption, then I am the person for you...

Biography I am know as a disrupter because I make you think from another point of view - not keeping to standard message that companies give you.

When you actually are speaking in the real world, your ideas and thoughts are completely different to what you expected to conform too. So, that is where I come in...

Now is the time to stop playing catch up and be a head of your field - are you ready to take that disruptive leap? The need to develop to make Social Inclusion key with in your business too - are you ready?

A future where we all work and deliver facilities together.

Whether, just offering some advice, what should be in your Social Business Toolbox, being your Mentor and Advisor or your Evangelist to your business by bringing the future technology and working methods to your business today.

I do my research, ask the probing questions and text things to actually understand what people are wanting and bring these views to you - to help you really focus on delivering what your market really wants as opposed to what you think they want.

I've been fortunate to help forge and assist certain organisations to actually think how we not only bring business to society but ENGAGE. There’s still lots to do around accepting and engaging business and society together when it comes to Diversity, Disability, LGBT, GLEE and people have spent their convictions want to re-integrate back into society – but we are getting there albeit slowly.

Technology and business promotion is not everything – it’s also about helping people to INTERACT, INTEGRATE and ENGAGE with society.

Additional Background Information
I have had a varied back ground over the last 25 plus years, ranging from the building industry, the security industry and then into the telecoms industry. Some success and some failures - but the main thing I have learnt from all my failures is that it has made stronger on who share and trust things with. The solution is now that I surround myself with success and thus, I am now able to share this with you.

During this period I have seen the world of networking and imparting shared knowledge and expertise to where we are today - fragmented!

My sole aim is to go back to the old days where we would share connections and knowledge. So, from my meetings with at levels of the working spectrum, I gain the knowledge and connections and then share them with you to help grow by learning from people you may never get the chance to meet.

Credentials - Recognised as one of the Top 50 UK marketing and advertising Klout influencers on Social Media
- Consistently recognised on Rise among their top 50 Global Social Sales Supremos
- Previously being recognised as being in the “Top 1% viewed on LinkedIn” & “Top 5% on Kred”

Languages English
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