Tony Dovale

South Africa

Developer of Emotionetics, Warmware, Author of SoulShift and SWIFT Success Mindset, Formula WON Success Ensurance System

Introduction Tony Dovale of and is a Modern day "Soul Surgeon", Human Energy alchemist and #FutureFit Mindset Transformer.

Tony is a provocative business leadership Keynote Speaker, Appreciative Inquiry Action Learning Facilitator, accredited Science of Happines@work Consultant and results optimizer. Typically Tony's clients enjoy a 2x to 4x improvement on performance and results.

Biography Tony Dovale – Bio -

Like many, Leadership Speaker, High Performance leadership & Mindset expert and business author, Tony Dovale, has seen the words "Success" defined numerous ways over the years. Is it trust, drive, charisma or positive thinking, money, material possessions or love?
Is it all about the situation or being a leader or Greeder?
Is REAL Success meant only for a “chosen few” who are allowed to rise, like cream, to the top? Or, could you ReThink your Mindset to make it a different story?

With over four decades of leadership development, Team / business facilitation & coaching, speaking, and more importantly, real-life-hands-on-in-the-trenches business experience, Tony Dovale’s view is radically different from the fossil descriptions of successful leadership, organisational performance and team building and personal happiness and wellbeing.

Tony appreciates, and shares with participants, that REAL leadership is a moment-to-moment consciousness, awareness, mindfulness and choice. Leadership is definitely not about titles, occupations or position. REAL Action Advantage Leadership is for everyone, everywhere, every day. It's how we should be living our lives – moment to moment.

“Corporate Soul Surgery”

Tony, is sometimes referred to as the “Provocateur” or cage-rattler, for his talent to stir a group, team to shift perspectives, Rethink performance and results. He is also called the “Soul Surgeon” for his deep personal transformation and Mindset coaching skill that unleashes and engages the best in people and teams

Tony’s approach is experiential, action-learning focused, practical and street-savvy. Tony fuses real-life experiences and stories together with his profoundly impactful techniques to connect and commune with his participants in an intimate, intense, inspiring and inspiring manner. This takes you to the Next-Level of possibility on your life and team efficacy.

Tony has served as a coach, consultant and facilitator for numerous local and international public sector / Public Service and for-profit business organisations across Africa.

High Performance Organisations

In recent years, Tony had firsthand experience of the real impact that engaged, happy, resilient and inspired employees and leadership can have in creating a High Performance Organisation (HPO).

He is a internationally certified coach & facilitator of the Science of Happiness@work™, and continues to work with the best and most powerful tools for Success and effective leadership. These include Neuro Science Leadership, Tribal Leadership principles, High Performance Organisational Framework (HPO), Appreciative Inquiry and the Blue Ocean Innovation system.

Inspiring Author:

Tony is author of SoulShift – Words to Energise your Soul and also, Rethink Your Success Mindset. Tony is also the designer and chief facilitator of the SWIFT Results Mindset and Leadership Success Ensurance System and the Leadershift Immersion Development process.

Prior to his leadership efforts, Tony, a coach and facilitator by study and passion, created and managed and marketed a successful Community Radio Station (CANI 94.7FM), as well as Bop Broadcasting Media Sales for 5 channels. Tony is an informative Business Keynote Speaker, Real Trust Building Architect and a potent High Performance Organisation Leadership development facilitator.

Tony has committed the last 36+ years of his life’s journey to exploring and discovering the most powerful human potential development and business transformation technologies – enabling him to assist and support people & teams in becoming more of who we truly are capable of BEing. His focus is guiding people along the pathway to true authentic Success: Freedom, Happiness, Love, Peace, Prosperity, Abundance and Joy.

His unique Emotionetics Energy Healing process turns issues and stumbling-blocks into stepping-stones, and Action Advantage Mindset system that turns decisions into actions and results…so you can ensure you make a more positive impact on this world…faster.
His passion is speaking, coaching, facilitating and enabling people and teams to move towards discovering real meaning, value and personal worth in a world of constant upheaval, challenge and change.
Tony’s experiences cover a broad range of business and people development. HE has even been a Radio Talk-Show presenter on his Radio Show “ The NOW Factor”. Added to this his interests include Neuro Sales and Neuro Leadership, Entrepreneurial Development, Inspirational & Transformational Coaching.

Tony has typically been the initiator and managing force in all of his business endeavors. Tony’s personal experience and focus, plus his ISPI (USA) – International Society for Performance Improvement resources, enables him to continue to research and develop tools, materials and processes to support ongoing and incremental staff, team, management productivity and business performance enhancement.
He delivers potent personal and business development programs that can catapult your organization way ahead of your competition.
Tony is a born entrepreneur and has, since the start of his working career, been the initiator, driver, and creator of a number of successful entrepreneurial ventures. Tony continues to develop his knowledge and skills with a strong focus on high-level transformation, Neuro / Mindset coaching, Appreciative strategic business / leadership development, and the Science of Happiness.

Namaste’ - Tony Dovale’ - Chief Results Coach & Appreciative Team Building Alchemist

? After only 1 day of teambuilding, facilitated by Tony, I could see a marked improvement in the coherence of the 35 people in this TEAM. I’m writing this 3 months after the event, and still this continues – a real lasting impact, Real value for our money. The stop-start-continue list which we drafted in the session gave us concrete stuff to work on, and we keep reminding ourselves of this through regular stock-taking of where we are. I recommend Tony with no hesitation, both for the content of his program and his style. E van Renen, Director: Intl Trade, National Dept Agriculture

? Our Sales have almost doubled in 4 months of your sales coaching. - Gina
Online Videos
Sasol Talk -
Tony Dovale – Video Reel -
Research Profile/Assessments Explanation -
Case Study / Pre & Post Team Building Results -
ESKOM Delighted Testimonial -
? PLEASE NOTE: No other team building /facilitation, Coaching company achieves the profound personal and team shifts that we facilitate, that impacts people in every area of their lives on a long-term basis.

Companies and Associations Tony has founded:-
? Duff Estates - Property Development/Estate Agency
? Microness Rissik Computers – PC, Networking Sales & Service
? Network Interface Consultants (Pty) Ltd – IBM system Center Dealer – IT
? EASY PC Computers - Voice Processing, Networking & Internet Technologies
? EASY Beat Music – Mobile Entertainment
? Integrity Training International – Founder Partner –Leadership Development
? CANI 98.7FM Community Radio – Radio in Sandton – Founding member
? Win Media Group (Pty) Ltd - TV /Radio Marketing, Sales and Consultancy
? Win Broadcasting (Pty) Ltd – Recording Studios & Radio Station Development
? WinSat (Pty) Ltd – Satellite Data Distribution & TV Broadcast
? AD Quest cc– Media Brokerage & Marketing
? The Human Element (Pty) Ltd – Corporate Leadership and Management Coaching
? CoachBiz - Division of Life Masters - Life and Business Coaching
? Teambuilding1 – Appreciative Team building Facilitation
? Life Masters (Pty) Ltd – Coaching, Culture, Team Effectiveness & Leadership Development

Founding member of…
? Coachville - USA
? Alpha Mind Power Forum – Personal Development
? The Human Element
? Life Masters
? The Action Advantage Coaching System

Memberships, Achievements & Associates

? Chief Scout @ 16 years of age
? Came second in my South African Naval intake (1970’s)
? Patrol and Troop Leader - 1st Berario Boy Scouts
? Flew light plane Solo @ 5,5 Hrs (National average is 21+ hrs).
? Member Computer Society - Computer Systems Analysis
? Provincial Hockey – Southern Tvl, Western Province & SADF (Country Districts & Junior Board)
? Member of The Institute of Estate Agents of South Africa
? Toast Masters International - CTM – Competent Toast Master
? Vice President (Membership)– Toast Masters Sandton
? Wanderers Club & Inanda Club – (past)
? Contributing Member of “It’s so simple” Entrepreneurial development programme
? Technology contributor to British Airways In-flight Magazine - Airtales
? ISPI - International Society for Performance Improvement – (past)
? IFPCM -International Federation of Professional Coaches and Mentors
? Inner Circle – Strategic Business Development Forum
? Accredited Traditional Healer (Complimentary Health)
? Professional Speaker Association of South Africa (PSASA)

? Paragliding
? Hockey (Provincial - Competitive)
? Snow Skiing & Water Skiing
? Squash & Tennis
? Fishing (Competitive Deep Sea Angling)

Through Life Masters, Tony’s work in human potential is coming to the fore, as the importance of addressing the Spiritual/Emo-Energetic/Resiliency/Happiness aspects of people in business is being realized and applied to improving the workplace.

His concept and work in “Emotionetics” and Happiness-at-Work for PEAK performance has gained popularity among companies such as ESKOM, Sasol, Hardware Distributors, Semble-it, SABC, Lafarge Cement, Siemens, Rennies Travel and Impala Platinum Mines, Office of the Public Protector, Department of Agriculture, Department of Statistics, Department of Home affairs, Department of Water Affairs and Coca-Cola South Africa Soccer 2010 Management Team and Endress Hauser, and Department of Home affairs.

With his experience, and extensive hands-on know-how, Tony is able to relate to people with empathy, insight and understanding. He has a wealth of personal experiences and tools that enable people to discover and release their limiting beliefs, perceptions and stumbling blocks, and be able to adopt new perspectives, and principles with powerful MindShifts in attitude, beliefs and behavior.

A large part of Tony’s current work is in the field of Mindset Mastery:

• AQ (Adversity Intelligence) & EQ (Emotional Intelligence)
• Appreciative Inquiry REAL Team/Trust Building
• New Economy Leadership & Engagement
• The Science of Happiness at Work™ (SOHAW)
• The Action Advantage Coaching System
• Human Performance Technologies (HPT)

This includes Consciousness, Awareness and Higher Ground Leadership Development, Action Learning, Experiential Encounters. Through his transformational experiences he is able to assist and guide business owners, entrepreneurs, leaders/managers and teams along a more rewarding path of adding value, building resilience and greater happiness.

Although many people can measure some aspect of IQ, EQ, SQ, or AQ, very few people have the tools, strategies and technologies to enhance, develop or transform your results, sustainably. This is Tony’s’ unique advantage and focus – he delivers RESULTS.

Tony has also developed REAL team and trust building interventions where the full effects have lasted 2 years and more and impacted throughout the organization. Presently Tony is completing his design and authoring of the Action Advantage Coaching System.

Following is a summarized/abridged list of advanced training courses, studies and research that Tony has concluded:

Technical Training & Studies
? Cobol Computer programming -Van Zyl & Pritchard
? RPG Computer Programming - NEG Insurance Company
? Computer Society of South Africa (N.I.P.R.)
? LANS & Connectivity -IBM
? Novell Basics, Advanced & Tech support - N.I.C “System Center" Education
? All Microsoft Computer Products - N.I.C
? Computer Training – Nikuv Computers
? Advanced Networking strategies – Lattice Technologies
? Networking / Connectivity / IT Systems - ISM/IBM Education South Africa
? Voice Processing Technologies – USA
? All PC and PC to Mini/Mainframe technologies – IBM South Africa
? PC Operating systems / complete technical services – IBM Education South Africa
? Telecomm & Voice Processing Strategies – USA
? Photography / Film Production – Kodak South Africa
? Photography/Video - SA Defence Force (3 years)
? Continuing Microsoft Education – All Microsoft Software products
? Microsoft OEM Computer & Software Dealer accreditation
? Business Marketing Foundations- IBM
? TQM - Quality Management Systems – SANS 9001:2000
? Open Space Technologies & Future Focus
? Search Engine Optimisation Strategies – SEO Hostworx
? Social Network Analysis - SNA
Leadership, Management, Coaching, Marketing and Sales
? NLP - Practical Application - Claude Van Wyk
? Science of Happiness at Work – Accredited Int Facilitator, Coach & assesments
? Adversity Intelligence @Work / Personal – Dr Paul Stoltz
? Appreciative Inquiry – Various Resources
? Appreciative Inquiry & Applications
? Appreciative Inquiry for Teams & Strategic Innovation
? Balanced Score Cards, Strategy Maps & Total Performance Scorecards
? Behavior And Management Styles – Der Post
? Board Exams Estate Agent - Institute of Estate Agents
? Business Management - Institute for Business Analysis
? Business Management Dip. -Executive Education
? Bus Psych & Human Behavior – UNISA (Center for Industrial & Orgl Psychology)
? Business/Customer Development in the 90’s Programme - Wendy Evans
? Coaching for Results – (5 Day)Jenny Des Fontain / Quantum Coaching
? Communication & Accelerated Learning Methods – Lead the Field (Pty) Ltd
? Communication & Leadership – TM International
? Communications and Body Language – Alan Pease
? Communications Excellence – Human Resource Development
? Corporate Coach – B Miller & P Brown
? Customer Management – Prime Learning International
? Customer Service – Art of winning and keeping customers – Prime Learning
? Dynamics of Personal Leadership – SMI programme
? Enneagram Insights – Various resources
? Founder Member Coachville – USA
? From Leader to Trainer – TMI
? Goal Setting – SMI programme
? Higher Ground Leadership and Inspiration – L Secretan
? Human Sigma – Gallup Research
? Integrated Management – Effective Executives
? Investment in Excellence - Louis Tice programme
? Management, Diversity & Conflict resolution - Lead the Field (Pty) Ltd
? Marketing Dip. - PE Consulting
? Mega Marketing strategies – Jay Abraham
? MLM for Success – Darren Fox
? Neuro Marketing & Sales
? New Leadership Strategies – Mankind Project
? NLP - Business Strategies and Ethics - Genie Laborde (USA)
? NLP & Time Line – Tad James programme
? NLP Coach – Ian Mc Dermot
? NLP Communication Excellence - PE HRD
? NLP for Effective Executive Management - IMS (SA)
? Organisational & Executive Trends - IBM (USA)
? Organisational Behavior – M Feldberg
? Organisational Development – Wiley
? Personal Power Program I & II – Tony Robbins programme
? Power Vs Force, Eye of the I, I. – Studies in Consciousness – David Hawkins
? Product Evaluation Clinic – VW SA
? Professional Life & Business Coaching – IFPCM
? Professional Selling Skills I & II - Sales/Marketing - Volkswagen South Africa
? Property Development Consultant - Seeff Property Training
? Sales Training - Tom Hopkins programme
? Small Business Management – Small Business Development Corporation
? Staff Engagement – Gallup Research
? Appreciative Inquiry for Leaders of Change – Cooperrider, Whitney, Stavros
? Blue Eyes – Diversity Sensitivity Training
? Blue Ocean Strategies coaching
? Mankind Project USA - Warrior Weekend USA
? Mankind Project - Diversity Leadership
? Mankind Project - I-Group Facilitator Training
? Mankind Project - "Guts" Training
? Mankind Project - Leadership II training - USA leaders
? Strategic Interventions with the Balanced Scorecard & Total Performance Scorecards
? Strategy Implementation – TIES process / Future Focus
? ADKAR – Change Management Solutions
? High Performance Organisations – HPO

Transformation, Personal Development, Counseling and Healing

? Ethno Psychology –Hypno-Trans Attitude & Life Coaching- IMDHA/Translife
? Investment in Excellence - Louis Tice Self Development programme
? ALPHA Mind Power & Development - Peter Heiblom (Australia)
? Body Alignment Therapy & Healing Level 1 & 2 – Jeff Levine (USA)
? BSFF – Be Set Free Fast programme – Dr. Larry Nimms (USA) Energy Therapy
? Calm –Accelerated Learning and Self Healing - Lead the Field
? Coaching University USA - Practical Coaching for Personal Development programme
? Conflict Resolution - Lead the Field (Pty) Ltd (Frikkie Van Krayenberg)
? EMF – Emotional Freedom Technique – Energy Therapy Gary Craig (USA)
? EMF Balancing Technique - Sue Maclean-Arnot
? Emotion Development & Management (Ongoing)– P Henderson – Scientific Research
? Emotionetics Facilitator Development & Training – LMI Research
? Facilitator & Trainer training (18 months) – Integrity Training International (Cohen)
? Facilitator Training - Freedom Through Releasing – Dr EE Lindwall
? Flower of Life – (7 Days) Drunvalo Melchizedek / Ron Holt
? Freedom Through Releasing – Facilitation Dr EE Lindwall
? Healing with Holographic Repatterning (6 days) - Clowey Wordsworth MA (USA)
? Healing with Sound –Simon Heather (USA)
? Hospice Councilor Training – (12 Weeks) Hospice.
? Human Behavior And Management – Ven Der Post programme
? Human Development for the 90’s – Academy of Learning
? Hypnosis for Healing – Life Works
? Jin Shin Jitsu Healing Level 1 & 2 - Dermot Milligan
? Life Coaching - Founder Member Coachville – (USA)
? Life Line Counselor Training (8 weeks)– Life Line Johannesburg
? Life Style & Goal Setting - ACA
? Marknosis Hypnosis – Mark Cunningham programme (USA)
? NLP Fundamentals Essentials Claudius Van Wyk
? NLP Training – Professor I Katsef and Dr A Lecore
? Personal Communications and Body Language – Alan Pease
? Personal Power Programme/Lessons in Mastery – Tony Robbins
? Personal Transformation – Wayne Dyer programme
? Process Oriented Shadow Work– Facilitator Certification – Third Nature Dimitre Bilgere (USA)
? Quantum Consciousness Coaching – Jenny Des Fontain / Quantum Coaching
? Spiritual Growth & Healing – Lesley Templton Thurston (USA)
? The Art of being Human - Bev & Fran Newington
? The Marriage of Spirit – L Temple-Thurston
? The Next Evolutionary Step –Natasha Lakaeve MS (Australia)
? Time Management & Goal and Vision Setting Life Skills – OPR
? Time-Line Therapy Programme – Tad James (USA)
? Touch For Health 1, 2, 3, 4 - Kinesiology Practitioner– (8 days) Cally Carty
? Transformational Facilitator Programme (6 months)– Flemming Funch (USA)
? Transformational Life & Business Coaching – IFPCM
? Transformational Training – (24 Months) Why, Paradox, Mastery - ITI (Cohen)

As a Life-Line and Hospice qualified counselor, accredited Traditional Healer, Science of Happiness accredited coach & facilitator and the developer of eMotionetics and numerous other human performance and life Skills enhancement technologies, Tony continues to research, develop and deliver new and improved processes, tools and strategies for enhancing performance, productivity, profits and passion, happiness and success.

Tony’s is particularly suited to bring influential new insights and inspiring possibilities to the coaching and staff/team development process and your workplace. This, in turn, is directed to impact positively and profitably on your Triple-Bottom-Line as well as personal life skills, a Growth Mindset and Psychological Capital.

Tony Dovale Destiny Statement:
As a Man amongst Men, I co-create a world of Freedom, Love, Abundance, Peace and Joy
by providing, workshops, Coaching, Mentoring Training, Talks, Information and support
for those who are ready to move up to the next level with SWIFT Actions.

Some Companies/Professionals Tony has worked with:
? Sasol – Teachnical Service – Staff Engagement & Leadership
? Escom Conference Services – Service / Team building
? Rennies - head Office - Glynn Van Rensburg
? Semble-it - Brian Eastes (MD) – Team Building / Service
? Polyfin - John Gillmore (HR)
? Hi-Tech PC Distributors - David Kid (MKt Dir) – Killer Company/Team Building
? Barlows Hardware Distributors - Bruce Cooper (MD) – Team building/Killer Company
? Mac Med - Trevor Lauf / Rob McGuire (MD) – Team Building
? Rennies Travel - Midrand – Customer Service
? Megro Management Education - Phillip Carlisle (MD)
? Smile Education - Bernise (MD) -Sales focus
? Times Media Limited - Sales Department
? Sasol Technologies (HR Department)
? Growth Holdings - Trevor Nel (MD)
? Green & Gold Sports Management - Dianne Esterhuizen
? Tianshi South Africa – (Training and Coaching)
? Eskom Electrical Department - Peter Griffiths
? Marcus Evans Seminars – Service Focus
? PSA – BEyond Motivation
? World Huna Convention – Energy & Consciousness - Lake Tahoe –USA
? Hollard Direct/Sowetan Money Club
? Lafarge Call Center – Stress Management / Team-building
? It’s So Simple – (MLM Presenting, coaching and Training)
? Lafarge Key Accounts – Team Building/Conflict Resolution
? Sportron – Energy Management / Personal Motivation presentation
? Juvio – (MLM Presenter/ Training and Coaching)
? OPP – Office of the Public Protector
? Department of Water Affairs – Gov Countrywide
? Department of Agriculture
? Coca Cola South Africa 2010 Management Team
? Ceed Leadership
? Business Connexion
? SA Medical Assoc
? Nestle Purina
? Endress Hauser
? Oxfam UK
? NERSA - Gov
? BEAULIEU School ( deputy Heads)
? Department of Statistics SA - Gov
? Vodacom
? Necsa - Gov
? SANSA – Gov
? Eskom IT – Gov
? Eskom Projects – Gov
? Afrisam Cement
? Nedbank
? HR Future
? Department of Home Affairs – Gov
? Eskom IT Department
? Eskom Project Management Dept
? Eskom Procurement Dept
? Auditor General – Pta
? Department Home Affairs Leadership Forum

Presentations and Speeches

? AQ/Resileince – Your True Success Predictor - BEyond Motivation
? Ho-Voltage Leaders - Architects of Trust
? Prisoners in Paradise - Awareness
? Soul Setting & Goal Getting
? 21st Century Dragon Slayers
? Who is driving Your Bus?
? Lifeshift – Zero 2 Hero
? Inner Journeys for Outer Peace
? Mindset: Don’t park in your “Comfort Zone”
? Rethink “Customers for Life” challenge
? Imagin-eering for Unlimited Beliefs
? Beyond Customer Service & Care
? Coaching to build real people and teams
? Mindset: Upgrade Your Mental Firmware
? Recreating yourself for success – HPT
? E-motions in Business – The EQ/AQ Factor
? You want me to work where! - Toxic Workplace
? Real Corporate Transformation & Diversity– Trust is a must or bust!
? Why The New Entrepreneurs are succeeding – Network Marketing Trends - Relationships
? Corporate Soul Surgery – beyond BSC and Diversity– Coaching with Heart and Consciousness
? Planning for a Richer Future – Networthing
? Rethink Leadership – Cream Always Rises to the Top
? Engagement from Effective Leadership
? SEO secrets to transform your sales
? Rethink Syccess: FLAP to FLY with your WHY?
? The Science of Happiness @ Work Process
? Social Media Marketing & SEO
? Happiness @work and Effective Teamwork
? Mindset MindShift – Advanced Lifeskills to Transform Results
? Rethink Culture: Transforming Teamwork & Trust
? Leading with your Brain in Mind – Neuro Leadership
? MindShift : Mindset Matters More

Tony will research and develop content that is specific to your problems, challenges or issues on request. As a qualified Toast Master, transformational coach, facilitator, and professional speaker and presenter, tony has great experience in researching, creating and delivering lively, controversial and transformative topics.

One of Tony’s aims is through collaboration with Dr. Lance Secretan center (Higher Ground Leaders) to provide the leading-edge - powerful and effective service and resources (Warmware) for business and personal transformation.

A large part of Tony’s time is now committed to Hapiness@work / Business Performance / Sales and Leadership Coaching for people who have discovered that they want more from, and for, their lives… More than a J.O.B. … more than a place to just earn an income.

Tony works with people who have a strong desire to accelerate their growth, and who wish to make a real difference in this world. He also works with people who fully comprehend and embrace the true concept and value of Human Capital and understand the shifts taking place in society and consciousness.

Community Activities
Tony was the founder of CANI Community Radio 98.7FM, where he broadcast a daily 60-minute personal/success development programme (“The Now Factor”) for 18 months.

The Future
We are developing and delivering unique, potent, transformative workshops for companies who recognise and understand that their greatest assets are their diverse teams of people and their relationships, mindsets and actions. This is done after extensive research within the company before we decide what will be best for your challenge. we’ve updated our approach to be inclusive of many of the newer approaches, Like Appreciative Inquiry that have been found to more effective in building engagement and participation. These workshops are action-learning, experiential, challenging, life-changing, paradigm-blowing and transformative.

We primarily work with companies who are serious about developing and coaching their people to greater heights. We enable these companies to design, develop and deliver the “unfair” advantage in a sustainable and measurable High Performance environment. We work with organizations to create a unified focus, supportive, agile and adaptive platform for enabling teams to become fully engaged and to deliver exceptional results in a sustainable and ennergising manner.

Currently Tony is continuing with research and refinement of his eMotionetics Energetic Management, Higher Ground Leadership, Appreciative Inquiry and Profit-Prophet. Tony speaks, consults, facilitates and coaches these technologies and techniques to leaders, therapists, healers, coaches, managers and other interested organizations and individuals. Tony will continue to develop and deliver advanced Business Building/Team-Building/Human-Building & Trust-building strategies, as well as Human Performance Technology/coaching /Wellbeing services.

Over the last 25 years Tony has been refining a unique plan for a business enhancement service called “Profit-Prophet” based upon extensive research in the Services Sector combined with a cross pollination of his Human Performance Technologies (HPT) experiences and Mindset research.

Comments from workshop participants.

I walked out a completely changed person… I’m now happy & confident, and I’ve let go of all of my anger and fear. I FEEL GOOD ABOUT MYSELF! For the first time in ages. – Christine

“Believe in the strength that is within each of us – the strength to choose to become victors.”
Thank you, on behalf of the team, for an excellent motivational presentation. You truly touched our lives and changed them forever! On a personal note I would like to thank you for accomplishing what 7 years of psychological therapy could not do – Thank you! Z

- One of the most thought provoking speakers I have ever encountered. – Clive stacey.
Our team will never be the same again. Tony has been life giving to our organisation - Zain



Mr J Lalieu - Personal : Unixsys Systems – 083-656-3221
Dr Emmanuel Imbevore : CEED Leadership & Coaching – 083-287-0969
Mr Owel Msomi : GM - Coca Cola 2010 World Cup
Dr Tinus Schutte : Senior Controller – Office of the Public Protector
Mrs Marilyn Kamp : Professional Employee Benefits 082-702-2293
Mr Exten Mekwena : Statistics SA 0828882484 /

Profit - Prophet
Business is now too competitive to continue to use old paradigms for moving forward successfully and profitably.

We often discover leaders who are too long in the tooth to let go...of their mindset and old views of the way business used to be or should be. The old management styles are out-dated... outmoded and to be blunt...usually counterproductive in today's times, that require resilience, agility and rapid response.

We need to adopt a new model of impacting performance. To increase performance, productivity and profits... we desperately need new ways to identify, view and enhance the areas of potential improvement.
From our experience the following layered model could be a replacement paradigm or perspective to adopt as the foundation for on-going continuous improvement (CANI).

The model below is aimed at offering an approach to addressing the challenges we typically face in business performance. Each level builds on, and supports, the development of the previous level below. Experience shows that a weakness in lower levels can be detrimental to the development and growth of each successive level above.

A weakness in the lower levels is carried all the way through to the higher levels as a flaw/weakness/leak, which can directly impact on performance and profitability and limit results. This impacts the entire team culture.

Before we can fully maximise any level, the levels below must be addressed and bolstered first. Too often leaders are looking to quickly enhance results by just turning up the "heat". This may work for a period of time... the only thing that you can be sure of is that this is not a sustainable process and does more damage in the longer run.

As an consequence, dangerously increased stress levels result, burn-out is inevitable, relationships (Home, work and client) begin to suffer, and eventually something has to snap. It does not help to throw money, time, focus or effort at a higher level, when issues on the lower levels are not correctly addressed and resolved.

Unless this is resolved, medium to long-term damage to a whole host of important areas becomes evident. The real challenge to this whole picture is that many of the underlying issues are almost invisible.

And taking into account that TRUST is one of the major facilitators and catalysts of this multi-layered development, Leaders must become cognizant of the fact that TRUST takes a lifetime to build and a second to break".

If leaders are to lead effectively, they need to become more aware of the impact of their decisions and actions on the workplace.

The leaders of tomorrow will be ENERGY directors and Alchemists...

Not command and conquer controllers
… nor Greeders.

Leaders of tomorrow will create contexts where people can learn, grow, perform prosper and BE Happy and enhance their mindsets and wellbeing.

Logical Levels of Results

If you speak to employers about their staff’s performance, you will typically hear comments about low skills, ineffective training, lack of ownership, responsibility or performance, and all the pressures around skills development legislation etc .

If we dig a little deeper into the real challenge that presents its self to us - that of reducing poverty by making our people more productive and competitive, we will quite often see that it’s not only a skills issue that must be addressed, but primarily it’s an attitudinal / Mindset issue that is our biggest challenge.

Ask anyone what they experience as a quality of service in their day to day encounters. For the most part your feedback will be negative. Is this really because of a lack of skill, or is it a Mindset-Attitude/Personal Beliefs issue? With the right mindset you can achieve almost anything, with or without skills. But a person with skills, and a negative mindset and bad demeanor can scupper any organisation’s intention to deliver efficiently and competitively.

The problem that I see with our great haste to train and skill everybody is that we are missing the fundamental issues that control results. Those issues of –Mindset: Attitudes, Beliefs and Socio-experiential programming; Learned Helplessness, Self-Limiting Beliefs, and Low Adversity intelligence (AQ) - which all rest upon a delicate framework of Self-Awareness, Self-Management and Self-Motivation - PsyCap

Research typically proves that less than 12%/15% of training experienced is transferred back into the workplace. Add to this the fact that our memory of training materials deteriorates quite dramatically. People characteristically remember around 20% of the learnt material after a 30 day period. That’s like wasting 80c in every rand of your training cost!

If we look at the Logical Level Of Results pic (in reverse order from the top down), we will see that every situation has, as output, a specific set of desired results or outcomes.

The Results level is dependant upon some previous Actions, which are dependant upon Skillful actions, which are dependent upon the person having the Abilities to assimilate and apply the new skills learnt and remembered.

Most training focuses on the skills and action levels, without ever addressing the power of the levels below the Skills/ Abilities Level. Like an iceberg, they address the aspects that they can see, whilst missing the hidden fundamental issues that truly impact and control their success and results: Mindset.

We have a massive challenge to rebuild our people’s Psychological Capital and Mindset : Adversity Intelligence or Resiliency (AQ) and overcome the Learned Helplessness and Self-Limiting Beliefs that pervade and infect our workplace. By addressing the issues below the Skills/Abilities Level (Warmware levels), we begin to empower people to deliver authentically and effectively, with the right mindset and attitudes from the right points of view, with the right intentions and based upon a strong personal foundation (PsyCap).

In order to optimise our skills development budgets and efforts we must begin by addressing the “Warmware” or deeper levels of people’s Mindset: attitude, beliefs, programming and “Static”.

We have to Rethink and rebuild their resiliency and adversity handling abilities by upgrading their limiting mental programmes and past experiences. By measuring a person’s Adversity Intelligences and then addressing the issues or “Leaks” that negatively impact their personal state; we can achieve results, way in advance of head-based training.

Feedback from the Emotional Intelligence fundi’s reveal that we are 90% emo-energy based and 10% logically based. We need our people’s heads and hearts to be used in the workplace and in their dealings with each other. The power in our relationships is emo-energetic, and not logically based.

Through the process of Mindset and Resilience Coaching and a range of experiential and specifically customised workshops, Life Masters upgrades people’s mental and heart based “Warmware” (software for humans), to assist them in optimising their Mindset: attitudes and beliefs, and to begin to build life-long relationships with internal and external customers.

Only in this way can we build a strong, productive and self-motivated organisation that will deliver world-class results. This will in turn translate back to delivering on the intention of our Skills Development Strategy’s Vision.

“Mindset is everything… Hire for Mindset & Attitude and Train for Skills!”

Hire people who would do the work willingly and happily as a “volunteer” and then REWARD them greatly for being SWIFT Action Heroes.

A Change of Heart Changes everything!

Credentials Internationally Certified Science of Happiness@work Consultant
Developer of the REVOLUTIONARY WORKPLACE High Performance System & framework
Past Member of ISPI

Languages English
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